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Restorative Dentistry for Arvada

Experiencing a dental injury or developing decay is never ideal, but for the people of Arvada, these kinds of issues don’t have to spell prolonged trouble for their smiles thanks to Sage Dental Care. Dr. Terry Batliner is able to offer a selection of restorative treatments that can address any dental problem, big or small, in order to make a smile happy and whole again. Whether you have a minor cavity or missing tooth, just give us a call today, and we’ll provide the help that you need.

Dental Fillings

Closeup of smile during dental treatment Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that affect both children and adults alike, and we help patients dealing with them every single day. Thankfully, we’re able to take care of this issue in just one quick visit using what is called a dental filling.

For this procedure, Dr. Batliner will first numb the compromised tooth, and then he’ll gently remove any decayed enamel. From there, he’ll use a material to literally fill in the space to help restore the tooth’s strength and structure.

While fillings are ideal for treating small cavities, larger ones may require something a bit more involved, like a dental crown. Should you develop a cavity, just come see us, and we’ll fix you right up.

Tooth-Colored / Composite Fillings

Closeup of teeth with fillings in place In the past, fillings were made of a material called amalgam, which is a mixture of various different metals. While very strong and durable, amalgam fillings have always had a few drawbacks, namely that they leave a large gray mark on a tooth, and they can also make a tooth more sensitive to hot and/or cold temperatures.

That’s why our office only uses tooth-colored fillings, which are made of composite resin. This material is strong and malleable, plus it can be specially shaded to match a patient’s enamel so it’s practically invisible within the mouth. And, because it’s metal-free, it also doesn’t increase dental sensitivity, making it an improvement in every way you can imagine.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Model of dental crown and bridge restorations When a tooth has become decayed, weakened, or fractured, a dental crown can be used to help restore it to its former glory. It is simply a tooth-shaped restoration that is fitted over a damaged tooth in order to keep it protected as well as bring back its original structure and appearance. Depending on which tooth in the mouth needs to be repaired, crowns can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from all-metal for the back teeth to natural-looking porcelain for the front teeth.

And, crowns can also be used to support additional prosthetic teeth to fill in the gap left by multiple missing teeth in a row, forming a bridge.


Full denture If your life is made more difficult by missing teeth every day, then dentures could be exactly what you need to get back to normal. Modern-day dentures are smaller, sleeker, and more natural-looking than ever, and at Sage Dental Care, they are always custom-made. Whether you are only missing a few teeth or all of them, we can design a denture that will make smiling, speaking, and eating a pleasure again. We offer both traditional removable models as well as implant-retained dentures to help patients enjoy the most secure fit possible.

Learn More About Dental Implants

Root Canal Therapy

Smiling woman in dental chair Every tooth is actually composed of three distinct layers: first the enamel, a substance called dentin, and finally at the center, the dental pulp. The pulp is a tiny collection of various blood vessels that also includes the nerve of the tooth. Should bacteria somehow reach the pulp, either due to fractured enamel or a longstanding cavity, it can easily become infected, leading to quite the toothache—the kind that makes it difficult to focus on just about anything else!

Typically, a tooth with this kind of damage would need to be removed, but Dr. Batliner is able to save even the most compromised teeth using root canal therapy. After numbing the tooth, he’ll create a hole to access the pulp, remove the infected tissue, clean and sanitize the tooth, and then top it with a temporary restoration. At a follow-up appointment, he’ll fully repair the tooth using either a crown or filling. Thanks to modern dental techniques including local anesthesia, this procedure is now both virtually painless and highly successful.


Model smile and x-ray of tooth to be extracted While extracting a tooth is never our first choice, sometimes it is the best thing we can do for a patient after we have exhausted all other options. We typically need to remove a tooth if:

  • It is too damaged to be restored
  • Advanced gum disease has weakened the bone supporting it
  • It refuses to fall out/is blocking an incoming adult tooth (baby teeth only)
  • Room needs to be created for a denture/upcoming orthodontic treatment

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

X-ray of smile prior to wisdom tooth extraction The “wisdom teeth” are actually a third set of molars that typically start to come in around the ages of 16-21. Unfortunately, most people simply do not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate these teeth, leading them to cause all kinds of problems as they erupt. Often, the wisdom teeth can become impacted (stuck), painful, infected, and even push the other teeth together and misalign them. If a patient still has their wisdom teeth, we’ll keep a close eye on them so we can hopefully remove them before they cause any issues.

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